Cenzic Application Vulnerability Trends Report 2013 Now Available

99% of Tested Applications Have Vulnerabilities

Cenzic’s analysis finds that in 2013 application vulnerabilities are all too common. 99% of tested applications have one or more vulnerabilities. And with a median number of vulnerabilities per app of 13, it’s no wonder that application-level attacks are a focus for bad actors. The full report is available for download at no charge.

Vulnerabilities come in many different forms. The chart below shows that Cross Site Scripting (XSS) continues to be most common class of application vulnerability.

2013 Application Vulnerability Trends

Summary Statistics: 2013 Application Vulnerability Population

The chart also shows that many classes of vulnerabilities exist in current applications and pose risks to companies along with their customers, employees and supply chain partners. While the distribution of specific vulnerability classes for 2013 is different than previous years, multiple variants of all classes continue to be detected in production apps.

Based on data collected by the Cenzic Managed Security team, the Cenzic Application Vulnerability Trends Report 2013 shares details about the kind, frequency and severity of vulnerabilities that will be found in production applications in 2013.

The time to act is now. Download the report today and learn about the current application vulnerabilities and risk landscape. And more importantly, use the report and its shocking findings as a motivation to improve your application security posture.

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